Face Primer Makeup 2976762 Vector Art at Vecteezy
Benefits of Primer:
⭐️ Forms a barrier between skin and makeup
⭐️ Cover the fine lines
⭐️ Cover the acne & pores
⭐️ Evens out the skin
⭐️ It can reduce shine
⭐️ Keeps makeup in place
⭐️ Creates a smooth canvas for the makeup
How to apply primer:
⭐️ Prey your skin by cleansing and moisturizing
⭐️ Apply a small amount of primer on your finger, brush, or makeup sponge
⭐️ Apply a thin layer on your face by blending it from the nose outwards
⭐️ Wait a few minute for the primer to set before applying the foundation


product foundation cream cartoon vector illustration 21161432 Vector Art at Vecteezy
Benefits of foundation:
⭐️ Covers all types of blemishes (percentage by different products you have selected
⭐️ Gives a smooth complexion
⭐️ Make your facial skin color match with your body skin tone
⭐️ Holds your face oil well

How to apply foundation:
⭐️ Apply foundation in a stippling motion, which means to gently tap it into your skin
⭐️ Apply a small amount of foundation and blend it out with your finger, brush, or makeup sponge, before adding more until you have the desired coverage
⭐️ Avoid wiping or rubbing motions because that will push the foundation around and cause streaks


Face concealer bottle mock up. package of skin corrective makeup product. vector template of cosmetic container isolated on white background. Blank make up tool for ad. 14286430 Vector Art at Vecteezy
Benefits of concealer:
⭐️ Long lasting
⭐️ Adjust with all type skin
⭐️ Gives a smooth complexion
⭐️ Covers all types of blemishes and acne
⭐️ bright on your face shape
How to apply concealer:
⭐️ Make sure your concealer shade is two shades lighter than your usual foundation shade
⭐️ The basic areas to put your concealer is below your eyes and between your brows, sometime people prefer to putting it next to their nose and on the smile lines
⭐️ You need to wait for your concealer to dry a little bit before you blend
⭐️ Blend it out with your finger, brush, or makeup sponge


180+ Bronzer Makeup Stock Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip Art - iStock | Bronzer powder, Tan, Contour makeup
Benefits of bronzer:
⭐️ Bronzer used to warm your complexion for a sun-kissed glow in your cheeks, forehead, and nose all while leaving your natural tones shining through
⭐️ Make your face shape look smaller and make your nose look more sharp
How to apply bronzer:
⭐️ Apply it where you would usually catch the sun above the temples, tops of the cheekbones, the chin and the nose
⭐️ You can also add a bit on the forehead, close to the hairline, and a little along the jawline

Step 5:BLUSH

Blush Makeup Stock Illustrations, Cliparts and Royalty Free Blush Makeup Vectors
Benefits of blush:
⭐️ Create a healthy, radiant complexion
⭐️ Bring warmth and a natural looking flush to the face
⭐️ Enhancing the overall makeup look after foundation and concealer have been applied
⭐️ help to define your cheekbones and give your skin a rejuvenated appearance
How to apply blush:
⭐️ For powder blush, use a fluffy blush brush
⭐️ For cream or gel blush, use your fingers, thick brush or makeup sponge
⭐️ applying your blush in a straight line from your ear toward the center of your face, following the natural line of your cheekbones and some people prefer to put a lttle bit on nose and chin slightly.


Pocket compact powder makeup cosmetic woman cartoon illustration vector 6515652 Vector Art at Vecteezy

Benefits of powder:
⭐️ Pressed powder can blurred your skin to look smoother is convenient for touch ups and typically has more coverage than loose powder
⭐️ Loose powder is more lightweight than pressed powder and have more oily control than pressed powder.
How to apply powder:
⭐️ You can apply with fluffy brush or powder puff
⭐️ For loose powder, apply it on the oily areas on your face
⭐️ For pressed powder, you can apply it all around your to have more coverage.


Eyebrow shaping Vectors & Illustrations for Free Download | Freepik
Benefits of eyebrows:
⭐️ Eyebrows can change your face with every style
⭐️ Eyebrows are the most important part of makeup, it makes your makeup more beautiful and powerful.
How to draw eyebrows:
⭐️ first you have to draw with eyebrow palette on your natural eyebrow shape or according to the eyebrow shape that you want. you can use only eyebrow palette for natural, everyday makeup
⭐️ you can add with eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrow shape look clearer
⭐️ lastly you can add some eyebrow mascara if you want to, it’s used to help make your brows appear thicker and more defined.


Powder Makeup Stock Vector Illustration and Royalty Free Powder Makeup Clipart
Benefits of highlighter:
⭐️ Highlighter is a double-whammy product that have attracting light and enhancing skin tone, for a lit-from-within look, It’s amazing for makeup part.
⭐️ For powder highlighter is very Pigmented, Long lasting, Easy to use perfect for glam/bold makeup
⭐️ For liquid and cream highlighter is sheer pigmented, easy to blend, finish Nya dewy skin, Perfect for natural makeup
How to apply highlighter:
⭐️ For liquid and cream highlighter you can use with your fingers, and makeup sponge
⭐️ For powder highlighter you can use with your fingers, and highlighter brush
⭐️ Make sure to tap off the excess and apply the highlighter to the high points of your cheek bones
⭐️ Then you can apply it everywhere you want to add highlights (nose, chin, forehead, upper lip, brow bone, and eyelids)


2,500+ Eyeshadow Palette Illustrations Stock Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip Art - iStock
Benefits of eyeshadow:
⭐️ Eyeshadow is the happiest part ever in makeup part you can apply every colors that you want to create just like arts with the pretty colors and glitters (more so much fun and pretty)
How to apply eyeshadow:
⭐️ You can apply them with your fingers, or eyeshadow brush (the best for apply eyeshadow)
⭐️ You can add concealer on top your eyelids if you want (its make your eyeshadow more pigmented and last longer)
⭐️ For the beginners can use only one shade, apply on your eyelids and a little bit under corner your eyes for natural makeup look you can choose any light or nude shade
⭐️ for natural makeup look you can choose any light or nude shade
⭐️ if you want to look more extra you can add more darker colors or glitter.


Premium Vector | Eye makeup artist Eye liner or eyeliner vector design beauty and personal care cosmetic dermatology
Benefits of eyeliner:
⭐️ If you’re looking for precision, liquid eyeliner is your new best friend. it’s very easy to use with A fine dipping brush
⭐️ The best eyeliner option for beginners, A pencil eyeliner is very easy to use on your waterline, and perfect for creating a smoky eye.
⭐️ Gel eyeliner comes in a small pot with a thin brush for application, so it’s great for creating a cat-eye look
How to draw eyeliner:
⭐️ first pulling your eyelid taut, then draw small light dots starting from the outer corner of your upper eyelid into the inner corner of your eye to form a thin dotted line close to the lashes. As much as possible.
⭐️ The easier way you can use a small brush with gel eyeliner(easy apply, blend, and removing)


Makeup mascara tube, mascara brush icon. 4669387 Vector Art at Vecteezy
Benefits of mascara:
⭐️ Mascara should be at the top of makeup part. Mascara can make your eyes look brighter, and thicker. it’s can make your eyes look bigger
How to apply mascara:
⭐️ first you have to start by curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler
⭐️ Place the curler at the base of your upper lashes, being careful not to let any sensitive skin around your eyelids, close the curler with slowly, Then wait for a few seconds, and Release with gently.
⭐️ Gently move the brackets to ensure that all the strands of bristles Eyelashes are covered with mascara.


Pink lip gloss isolated on white. Makeup cosmetic product 22536958 Vector Art at Vecteezy
Benefits of lip gloss:
⭐️ Lip gloss make your lip look more thicker and shinny, (So much better than matte lipstick, and perfect for natural makeup look)
⭐️ Protects the cracked of your lips.
How to apply lip gloss:
⭐️ If you feel your lips are cracked and chapped you can use a gentle lip scrub first to remove any dead skin, Next, use a lip balm or moisturizer to soften the lips further
⭐️ If you want your lip look more thick and more colors on your lip line you can add some lipliners
⭐️ Then you can apply the lip gloss on.


Premium Vector | Vector illustration of hairspray tube icon in a flat style isolated on a white background
Benefits of setting spray:
⭐️ Setting spray is a important key of making your makeup last longer
⭐️ You can spray setting spray before makeup for moisturizing, and spray after makeup done for keeping your makeup looking flawless for hours at a time, and stays on all day long.
How to apply setting spray:
⭐️ You have to spray about 6-8 inches away from your face
⭐️ Don’t spray too close If you want to give your entire face an even and thorough coverage .