Things You should know about Tran Jeong

Tran Jeong is a popular Physician who currently lives in America and known for being the wife of Doctor Ken Jeong. The both meet for the first time in when they were working at the Kaiser Permanente in W California in 2002. So let’s dive deep and know more about her.

She was born in America and have Vietnamese background along with American nationality. Tran spend most of her childhood in America and also did her schooling from there. She is a renowned physician by profession. She got her degree from University of California, Los Angeles. Tran became famous when she married ger husband Ken Jeong.

I think it’s perfect time to know about her Birthday, Height & Weight. So our cutepie was born on 24 February 1972, which makes her 48 years old. Jeong is 5 feet & 4 Inches tall and weighs around 54 Kg. She holds American Nationality with Vietnamese ethnicity. Her star sign is Pisces. The reason why are reading is Article because you all are curious to know more about her. Tran is known (popular) as the wife of Doctor Ken Jeong, who is a famous film actor from Hollywood.

Let me remind you back in 2008, tran was suffering from Breast cancer. The couple have twin daughters together named Alexa and Zooey. She found a lump in her breast during breastfeeding the twin daughters. Ken always stood with her wife where any situation arrived. They both are true life partners who stood with each other irrespective what the situation is.

Her cancer treatment included 16 chemotherapy sessions and a mastectomy, followed by radiation therapy. At the same time, ken was offered for an acting role in the famous Hangover series, but he declined the offer and choose to be with her wife and childrens. Finally in 2010, she was declared as cancer free.

Let me tell us deadly facts most of the patients having this disease dies, while few of them who came fir treatment have very few percentage of successful treatment or you can say survival rate. Ken and tran are those couples whose are truly made for each other and their love grew up more strong during the adverse conditions.

As we know that the sweet couple meet each other when they were working at the Kaiser Permanente in W California in 2002. After 2 years in 2004 the tie their knot and got married.

Talking about her educational Qualification, she had got her Master’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine in 1995. Afterthat she finished his internal medicine residency at Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans.

Now the most important question, what’s her Net Worth. As we know that they both are doctors by profession. So her along worth is around $250 K only feom her profession. In total their estimated net Worth is around $15 Million. Her husband had appeared in many movies and series, few of tgem are The Hangover, Crazy made Asians and Community.

Some facts about them

 • Tran Jeong is a physician by profession.

 • They have two daughters named Alex and Zooey.

 • Ken Jeong celebrated Tran recovery at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards and eventually he won the Best WTF Moment Award.

 • She had Vietnamese parents.