1.Serbia, Kisiljevo


misty grave yard with tombstones


This remote village has less than 800 inhabitants and a scary monster story. In 1725 a local named Petar Plogojowitz died, and within the next eight days nine deaths occurred. The nine dead said on their death beds that they were tilted – by Plogojowitz’s body. Priests and officials flocked to Kisiljevo to investigate, and about 40 days after Plogojowitz expired, they buried him. Strangely, his beard and nails seemed to be growing and there were signs of new skin. When a pole fell on him, fresh blood was reported from his ears and mouth, screaming. A horrible thing happened and his skin turned black. At that time, the murder was over. Some call Plogojowitz the “first vampire,” which is probably more cool than other real ghost stories.

2.China, Forbidden City


China's Forbidden City opens to the general public at night for the first time in 94 years - The Washington Post


The beautiful and spacious Forbidden City in Beijing, made up of 980 buildings on 180 hectares, is one of China’s most famous landmarks. A lot of really ghost stories also came out of its walls. Chinese emperors lived there from the 15th to the early 20th century, but are now rumored to be haunted by concubines. In 1421, Emperor Yongle ordered nearly 3,000 women associated with his harem, all of whom lived in the Forbidden City, to be killed because he thought the beloved concubine was poisoned. At his funeral, 16 participants were hung with white silk. Today, in Forbidden City, black-haired women are seen fleeing from ghost soldiers. Screams and sword fights were heard. And the view of corpses, pools of blood and pieces of white silk was lit up. The Forbidden City has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is open to the public even though it closes before nightfall.

3.Scotland, Glamis Castle


The Ghosts of Glamis Castle


In the 14th century, the castle was first built and it is where the Queen – the late mother of Queen Elizabeth II – grew up. It is also said to have been haunted by many ghosts, including the Gray Lady or Lady of Glamis known as Lady Janet Douglas. Accused of killing her husband by poisoning her and using witchcraft to overthrow King James V of Scotland, the gray woman was burned at the stake in 1537 in Edinburgh. Her ghost is said to have run up the stairs in the clock tower, leaving volcanic ash when she woke up. A woman without a tongue was seen walking in the garden around the temple, and the ghost of a brutally abused 18th-century boy servant was said to haunt a seat near the door to the princess’ bedroom. The most famous ghost is Earl Beardie or Earl of Crawford.

4.Italy, Cumae Archaeological Park


Cumae Archaeological Park - History and Facts | History Hit


Located on the southwest coast of Italy and settled in the 8th century BC, Cumae was the first Greek colony on the Italian mainland, known as the seat of the Cumaean sibyl or astrologer. In the Aeneid, Aeneas visited sibyl before he entered the underworld; The road to hell is located nearby. Cumae is the site of much bloodshed. In the 1st century, many brutal battles in the Gothic war took place there, and during World War II, German soldiers used part of it as a bunker and to place guns. Modern visitors can cross the tunnels, which are as dark as the womb, and try their luck in consulting with Sibyl for guidance.

5.France, Château de Brissac


Embracing Darkness of Chateau de Brissac, Quincé, France | by T. Mark Mangum | Paranormal Insight | Medium


Château de Brissac is located south of Angers in the Loire Valley of France. The original temple was built in the 11th century. He renamed it Château de Brissac at this time. The duke wanted to demolish the two medieval towers, but he died as new buildings neared completion, so the towers were abandoned. Take a closer look, you can see both towers resting against the Renaissance, with the back of the tower cut off. Two assassinations that took place in the 15th century in the walls of the castle resulted in the famous ghost of Château de Brissac as la Dame Verte or “Green Lady”. The current occupant, Duke Brissak, and his family became accustomed to visiting the rooms, but she frightened many guests. She is often seen in the chapel of the church, wearing her green dress. After all, the scary thing is her face. If she looks at you, you will see that her face has holes that her eyes and nose should look like corpses. As well as her sight, her moans are often heard throughout the temple in the early morning.