1. Immune Boosting Ginger Shots

The BEST Ginger Turmeric Shot Recipe For Top Health, 40% OFF

If you have a bad odor, try this natural way to boost your immunity and stop the cold in its path. Green apples are low in sugar and a delicious way to shrink ginger and turmeric in this recipe. Two lemons add a strong lemon flavor that contains vitamin C. Ginger cleanses the airways and relieves sore throats, while turmeric helps fight inflammation.




2. Pineapple-Turmeric Gut Shots

PineappleTurmeric & Ginger Juice — Life Of Pie

Fresh pineapple juice, apple cider vinegar, ginger, turmeric and sea salt make for a deliciously sweet taste. Apple cider vinegar is a good source of B vitamins and vitamin C and contains acetic acid, which is known to promote the absorption of minerals from food. These shots are so bitter that you can make large batches in addition to the sauerkraut sauce.


3. Spinach, Lemon, Green Apple Shots

Spinach & Apple Detox Smoothie

Eating greens is easy when you have this quick recipe that requires three handfuls of spinach, a quarter of a lemon and a green apple. With just one can, you can get more vitamin K than your daily dose, which can help keep your bones healthy. Green smoothies are a variety of drinks made with green leafy vegetables and fruits. It’s a great way to get the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients your body needs in one delicious drink! Green smoothies are useful for detoxification as they provide an easy way to add more greens to your diet. Green is rich in fiber that helps neutralize toxins in the body by helping digestion and get rid of toxins! This green smoothie recipe has a fresh taste like sweet apple, which gives the smoothie a natural sweet and tart taste along with the texture. Spinach adds a lot of nutrients and is a good source of vitamins A, C, E and K as well as iron and calcium.


4. Apple Pie Vinegar Elixir

Apple Pie Moonshine Cocktail - Goodie Godmother


If you need to get me in the morning, this apple cider vinegar will wake you up immediately. That’s right- we know how hard it is to drink apple cider vinegar quickly. But in this recipe, the bitterness of the vinegar is tamed with fresh apple juice, honey, ginger and cinnamon. Top with vinegar for drinking. This Apple Pie Moonshine comes down smoothly and packs! Adding apple cider vinegar, cinnamon juice and vodka flavors turns a high-proof grain wine into a drink that will keep you warm from the inside out throughout the winter. It is also perfect for serving at holiday parties. Like many good things, this moonlight gets better over time. To enjoy the full flavor, I recommend doing it at least two weeks before you plan to drink it. The extra time allows apple cider vinegar to be added to every drop, and the longer it sits, the less alcohol you will taste. Be sure to drink slowly, because even though it tastes sweet and warm, it is a strong drink!


5. Skin Glow Wellness Shot

Green Apple Juice (Blender or Juicer) - Clean Eating Kitchen

Make your health up a notch in rapid motion with this energy shot. Rich in vitamins from green apples, cauliflower, lemon, ginger and celery, this elixir will brighten your skin from the inside out and boost your immunity. To balance the sour and sweet flavors, a cayenne pepper heats things up and gives the spray a bit.


6. Wheatgrass Shot

Wheatgrass Shot Benefits History Diet Ann Wigmore

Do not be afraid of weeds a bit. Wheat is a good source of many antioxidants such as vitamins C and E and flavonoids that help reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Instead of drinking whole wheat water, this recipe requires a little coconut water, which adds a sweet and sour taste to the bitter greens.


7. Immune-Boosting Grapefruit Juice

Immune System Restoring Juice - The Fitchen

This red pomegranate juice will give a smile to your sad face. Grapefruit, fresh strawberries, ginger and rice bran leaves provide refreshing energy that packs vitamin C and quenches thirst. To get more flavor from the husk fertilizer, try dipping some leaves at the bottom of the glass. This high glass of fruit and vegetables is a healing energy, do not let the beets and carrots scare you away – thanks to the sweet fruits and ginger, it does not taste ground or “vegetable” bad for this drink. Maybe if we drank more of this drink throughout the colder months we could have avoided this “cold” situation altogether. Maybe I will study next year. In the meantime, I will come here, drink this bright red juice and kick this disease in the back.