1. Laos

The Most Extraordinary Temples in Laos in 2024

Southeast Asia is a pretty cheap region to visit. It is also incredibly beautiful and full of art, history, delicious food, architecture, religion and fascinating natural landscapes. Laos is another affordable country in Southeast Asia. From bright Buddhist temples to lush green forests and waterfalls, this country is perfect for history lovers and outsiders alike. Monuments, palaces, temples, museums, shrines and other stunning architectural pieces can be found all over the country. There are also many beautiful waterfalls scattered around the landscape, including Guangxi Waterfall, Khon and Phapheng Waterfalls, Tatse Waterfall and more. Admission to all the best nature and nature attractions is only $ 1 or $ 2, and many people can successfully travel around Laos for less than $ 30 a day.


2. Indonesia

Exploring Indonesia: 31 Must-Visit Destinations

Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia with thousands of islands. This means it is amazing and incredibly diverse. You can visit the most popular Bali island or travel to the quiet tourist islands of Lombok, Java or Sumbawa. However, Indonesia is the cheapest country to travel to.It is better to choose a handful of islands and explore fully, rather than constantly walking from island to island and spending a lot of money on transportation. But once you find a nice place and stick to it, you can dine on delicious local food and stay in a fun hotel or guesthouse for a total of $ 20-30 a day.


3. Cambodia

Angkor Wat in Three Days: What to See and How to See it! -

Cambodia is probably the cheapest country to visit, trip in Southeast Asia. Things to do in Cambodia include a visit to the amazing Khmer ancient temples in Siem Reap and a visit to museums and monuments in Phnom Penh. A guesthouse in Cambodia can cost as little as $ 4 per night and you can get a full meal for $ 1. If you are wondering if Cambodia is a safe place to visit or not, let me tell you for sure! Of course, normal safety precautions.


4. Vietnam

3 major Vietnamese cities among top Southeast Asian destinations - VnExpress International

As one of the best countries in the world for street food, Vietnam should have a place on every traveler’s travel bin list. The market in Vietnam is dominant. You can eat a variety of local dishes and spend more than two dollars. Vietnam is also famous for its unique natural attractions, including the limestone islands of Ha Long Bay and the world’s largest Hang Son Doong Cave. Accommodation and transportation are affordable here as well, which contributes to why Vietnam is one of the cheapest countries in Asia to visit.


5. Nepal

42 Tourist Places In Nepal For Every Travel Junkie In 2023!

One of the cheapest countries to visit is Nepal. For adventurers looking to explore the most remote corners of the world, Nepal is a great place to go. It is one of the cheapest Asian countries to visit outside of Southeast Asia. Many people come here to climb Mount Everest, but it is only for those who are fit and ambitious and save a lot of money because climbing Mount Everest is very expensive! But if you want to go hiking in the mountains with few tourists, you can do it in Nepal at the cheapest price. Stay in a cozy local guesthouse and eat home-cooked meals for just $ 10-20 a day or travel as a Worldpackers volunteer in Nepal.


6. Morocco

What Are The Top Tourist Attractions To Visit In Morocco?🧑🏻‍✈️

From Africa to Morocco is one of the most affordable countries. It’s not as cheap as Southeast Asia, but it is still one of the cheapest countries to visit if you Can escape the trap of tourists. Marrakech, for example, is one of the most chaotic and colorful cities in Morocco. Most travelers come here to explore the vast Medina and book trips to the Sahara or Atlas Mountains. Marrakech can be very cheap if you buy your food at a local restaurant instead of a tourist restaurant in Jema El Fnaa, the main tourist attraction. Guesthouses around Morocco usually cost between $ 8 and $ 10, and tours are reasonably priced. Be sure to check out Blue Chefchaouen Beach along the west coast and of course the mountains and deserts.


7. Nicaragua

Discover Central America's Cultural Gem: 10 Best Places To Visit In Nicaragua

If you live in the United States and you want to travel somewhere cheap, Central America is the place to go. From low prices for food, accommodation and activities to short and cheap flights to get there, Central America has some of the cheapest countries to visit from the United States. Nicaragua is a beautiful country. Most travelers tend to gather near San Juan Del Sur, a beach party town, or in Leon, Managua and Granada. Popular activities to do in Nicaragua include hiking and sand dredging on the volcano, admiring Spanish colonial architecture in the city, and boating on the remote coast.


8. El Salvador

From pilgrimage to fun: Holy Week destinations in Northern Mindanao.

Also one of the cheapest countries to visit in Central America, El Salvador is a small place known for its natural beauty. There are many beautiful lakes, volcanoes, beaches and waterfalls to explore, as well as the ancient Mayan temples and some interesting archeological sites. So if you love history and nature, El Salvador is the perfect country to visit. Like most countries in Central and South America, food is the cheapest if you stick to local cuisine. You can find a large plate of local food for $ 3, while foreign dishes such as pizza or burgers cost close to $ 10. But if you travel with a backpacker budget, you can get to El Salvador for $ 30 a day or travel with Worldpackers volunteers in El salvador.


9. Guatemala

7 of Guatemala's most beautiful places - Wanderlust

Guatemala is a geographically diverse and amazing country. Located below Mexico, it is close to the United States so you can find cheap flights there for $ 100. Guatemala has a thriving Mayan culture. You will see many locals dressed in traditional costumes, living like their ancestors. You will probably hear other indigenous languages ​​in addition to Spanish here as well. Guatemala has coastal towns, plateaus and mountains and tropical forests within its borders. You can paddle on Lake Atitlan, climb a volcano near Antigua, swim in natural lakes and waterfalls in the rainforest, and explore the Mayan temples to the north. And you can do it all on a backpacker budget!


10. Bolivia

Cochabamba, Bolivia ?? R/LatinAmerica, 48% OFF

As one of the cheapest countries to visit in South America, Bolivia is a favorite among backpackers and budget travelers. You can travel around Bolivia for $ 20 a day if you dine at a local restaurant and stay in a hotel. The country is very traditional, so you will see the real South American way of life. Highlights in Bolivia include spectacular views of the Salar De Uyuni, the world’s largest salt lodge, and the blue waters of Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest waterfront. For a real adventure, venture out on a tourist trail and visit a village in a remote area or take a walk in the Amazon rainforest.