Henry VIII

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From April 22, 1509 Henry VIII was King of England. Henry is known for his six marriages and his efforts to get his first marriage divorced. Jane Seymour is Henry’s favorite and most legal wife. Jane, unlike Henry’s other wives, gave Henry one of his favorite things – a son, an act that would lead to her death. henry’s least favorite wife is Anne of Cleves, He found her unattractive compared to the admirable pictures he saw before meeting She led them to cancel quickly. Even though no concubine likes the king, he still seeks sexual desire elsewhere. He died in 1547.

Catherine of Aragon[1st Wife]

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Catherine of Aragon was Queen of England, the first wife of King Henry VIII, from their marriage on 11 June 1509 until its abolition on 23 May 1533. She was the princess of Wales while married to Henry’s older brother Arthur, Prince of Wales shortly before his death. She was the only Queen Henry. She has been married to Henry for 24 years. Catherine is a wise and respectable ruler who is devoted to her husband and her Catholic faith. Henry really loves Catherine of Aragon as he has announced it many times. However, Henry was concerned that he did not have a son to carry on the Tudor dynasty. Henry married several bridesmaids throughout the marriage, including Elizabeth Blount, with whom she gave birth to an illegitimate son, Henry FitzRoy. Katherine of Aragon died January 7, 1536, at the age of just 50. Rumors flew around Europe that the former queen had been poisoned. However, she may have cancer.

Anne Boleyn[2nd wife]


Anne Boleyn was Queen of England from 1533 to 1536, the second wife of King Henry VIII. The circumstances of her marriage and beheading for treason made her a major figure in the political and religious turmoil that marked the beginning of English reform. Henry commissioned Anne to investigate high treason in April 1536. On May 2, she was arrested and taken to the Tower of London, where she was tried by a panel of judges, including Henry Percy, her ex-fiancé, and her uncle, Thomas Howard, the third duke. Sentenced on May 15 and beheaded four days later.

Jane Seymour[3rd wife]

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Jane Seymour was Queen of England, the third wife of King Henry VIII, their marriage on May 30, 1536. She died in 1537 of postpartum complications less than two weeks after giving birth to her only son, the future King Edward VI. She was Henry’s only wife to receive the Queen’s funeral. He was later buried with her remains in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

Anne of Cleves[4th wife]

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Anne of Cleves was Queen of England and the fourth wife of Henry VIII. Not much is known about Anne, when she married Francis, Duke Bar, son and heir to Antoine, Duke Lorraine before 1527, although their marriage did not work out. She is remembered by everyone who has served her as a kind and easy-going girl. Anne died on 16 July 1557 at Chelsea Old Manor. The cause of her death was cancer.

Catherine Howard[5th wife]

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Catherine Howard was Queen of England from 1540 to 1541, the fifth wife of King Henry VIII. She was the daughter of Lord Edmund Howard and Joyce Culpeper, cousin of Anne Boleyn and niece of Thomas Howard, Third Duke of Norfolk. She married Henry on July 28, 1540, at the Oatlands Palace in Surrey, just 19 days after the cancellation of his marriage to Anne. He was 49 years old and she was 17 when married. Catherine was deposed as queen in November 1541 and was beheaded three months later on charges of treason for adultery with her cousin Thomas Culpeper.

Catherine Parr[6th wife]

Attributed to Master John, Portrait of Katherine Parr (1512–1548), Queen of England and Ireland (1544–1545). Courtesy of Sotheby's.

Katherine Parr was the sixth and last wife of Henry VIII. Her determination to succeed led to a deep love affair between the royal couple, which in about 1546 saved her life. It is not surprising that Henry is attracted to funny widows. She is a red-headed, slim and attractive person whose reputation is unacceptably hidden from the sensual nature. Life after Henry died. In early 1547, Katherine reunited with Thomas Seymour, now the uncle of the new king and brother of Lord Protector, and was secretly married without the permission of Edward VI. Katherine gave birth to a baby girl on August 30, 1548. She named the baby Mary, probably after Katherine’s friend and stepdaughter. However, the happiness of this couple is short-lived. Katherine died on September 5, 1548, at the age of 36, of childhood fever.